August 01, 2007

I've been a little blogstracted lately. Ok, maybe that's not the right word. How about busy? Yes! Busy is a good word. The perfect word.
I have a plethora of good news to share. Photographically, things are going excellent.
Aubrey and I have been busy little bees. I have two cousin photoshoots down and three more in the works. I'm so excited. We've got some seriously cool ideas swirling around right now and I think they're gonna be awesome. (Madison and Alexis, be excited.)
I'm starting to get really scared/excited. Things are starting to get serious. I mean website, bank account, business card serious. AND we keep getting all sorts of neat opportunities. For example, the chance to shoot photos for the Miss American Fork pageant. How cool is that?! I'll definitely update on how that one goes.
So, as of right now things are still in the preliminary stages. Building our portfolio, buying equipment, ironing out details (i.e. pricing, locations, etc.)
We signed up for this which starts next week. I think it's going to be fun and educational. (Who knew!)
It'll be nice to hear pro advice in person, rather than from a book or on the computer. I'm excited for some hands on learning.
So, basically thats the news. Anyone who wants to help a girl out, gimme a shout. I'm looking for some seriously awesome people to model for me. I need boys, girls, babies, couples, pretty much anything. Let me know!

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