February 23, 2007

So...I was totally on the radio this morning. I don't know why this is exciting me so much, but I'm completely giddy.
Anyone who listens to country radio in Utah at 6:20 on a Friday morning got to hear my voice today.
I went to work at 8:00 last night and it was a nice and clear 45 degrees outside. When I left this morning at 6:00 it was 25 degrees and a blowing blizzard. I was listening to all the weather and traffic advisories on the radio when I saw something strange.
It's 6:00 in the morning and I see a truck pulling a ski-boat in a snowstorm.
Well, I thought that was funny, so I called KBull and told them. They thought it was funny too and they played my tape on the air!
I'm almost famous.

February 10, 2007

Hmm...well, the image is kind of screwing up the harmony of my blog, but I figured this was too cool to pass up.

February 09, 2007

I'm not sure I can do this much longer. I've never been so tired in my entire life. It's not like, Oh I'm so tired today. It's a constant exhaustion.
I swear I sleep ten hours a day, but I wake up even more tired than I was when I went to sleep.
It's a vicious, awful, terrible cycle. I feel like I'm dying very, verrry slowly.
I'm starting to get a little bitter about it. I never see the light of day. I never get normal contact with other people. The ONLY things I can usually do with myself is catch a late movie or go to Walmart. (Story of my life...)
I'm counting down. Only 14 more workdays of graveyards. Sigh...

February 04, 2007

"Tonight at 9pm Flickr will be down for maintenance for up to four hours. We apologize for the length of this downtime, but we're making some big changes which will enable us to roll out new features faster. So ... it'll be worth it!"

I'm having a mental breakdown. It's now 1:32 AM. I still have 4 hours and 27 minutes left before I can go to sleep. I just don't know what to do with myself. I've lost all comprehension of the vastness of the internet. Without my Flickr, I just can't function. I have nothing to do except stare into the void of my computer screen.
I've read the obituaries twice tonight. I've checked pray4tori.com hoping for an update several times, but to no avail. I'm now watching Steel Magnolias for the millionth time in my life. It's not as funny as it used to be. Or maybe it's just because I'm not hyper.
I'm slowly drifting away into happy-sleep land. I really hope someone doesn't decide to die on me right now. I don't think I'm competant enough to be of much life-saving help at the moment.
All I can say is that this awful Flickr update better be worth it.