July 28, 2008

I have a love affair with this song.

Lost - Michael Bublé

And don't even get me started on him. (Mmmm...)

July 26, 2008

And so it begins...


I only hope I can keep up this new hobby. (The film is expensive!)

July 20, 2008

So, this blog post is totally a week late. Bear with me...

You may remember last summer when Aubrey and I helped out with the photography for the Miss American Fork Pageant?
What?! You don't remember?
Don't feel bad. I only mentioned it once. Okay, twice.

Well to make a long story short, Aubrey's sister-in-law, Staci, is the director of the pageant and has hired us as the official photographers this year!
Thats right! We're on the committee for a beauty pageant. (Okay, scholarship program.)
So, as a committee, we went to the Miss Utah Pageant to support our very own Miss American Fork, Liesl Wright!

Juli, Renata, Britney, Liesl, Staci, Aubrey, and me!

After three nights of preliminaries and the finale, we were pretty pageant-ed out. (We were so over the irritating people in front of us, the same sloooow songs all week, and the singing MC. Okay, the MC wasn't that bad, but four nights in a row...?)

Unfortunately, Liesl didn't win, but she still did AMAZING! Her talent was incredible and she looked stunning in swimsuit and evening wear. (She totally should have won her preliminary in evening wear. She was robbed!)

So now we're focusing on getting ready to crown the next Miss AF. The pageant is in less than a month! You all should come!!

Miss American Fork Pageant
August 16th, 2008
American Fork High School

July 19, 2008

I bought a Polaroid.

And I found this adorable Polaroid charm, which I must have immediately.

I know, I know. They will soon be no more.
All the more reason for me to take the plunge. Soon, there will be no option of any plunge-taking. I've never owned one and I should be able to say that I have. They are a legend.

Whilst doing my regular blog surfing this week, I found myself completely INSPIRED by Nicole Hill's Polaroids. Seriously incredible.

And so, I shall try my hand at instant film. Obviously, with the up and coming film discontinuations, it won't be a very long phase. But I am determined to give it my best shot.

Wish me luck and inspiration!

July 18, 2008

So, omg.

I want this.

It's a USB-powered mini fridge. I totally would use it.

July 06, 2008

Now, I may not live in a trailer park in the backwoods of Alabama, but I certainly don't live in Malibu or The Hamptons either.
My neighborhood seems pretty safe for the most part. I only see the cops from time to time. But every once in awhile, I get some serious entertainment from my neighbors.
My favorite story is the neighbor who got evicted after almost setting the building on fire with her 3 year old inside. (She left the stove on after having a few too many beers.)
Or maybe the neighbors who started a brawl over a game of poker? That was exciting. (There were a few black eyes and bloody noses from that encounter.)
And of course, we can't forget the thieving, foul-mouthed, 12-year-old hoodlums and their noisy skateboards who camp outside my bedroom window ALL summer long.

With those situations, I just roll my eyes. I hear about that kind of stuff all day long at work. The drunken negligence and physical altercations are more commonplace than most people realize. And stupid 12-year-olds are up to no good no matter where you are.

But I drove by something this morning that made me just scratch my head:

(Excuse the blurry photo. It was taken whilst driving, in the wee hours of the morning. It didn't want to get out of the car and risk getting jumped by someone I could potentially need a cup of sugar from.)

Now, I don't claim to be the most polished and refined person on earth, but wow. I'm proud to say that I've never set up an inflatable swimming pool in a parking lot for my kids to play in.
(Also, thanks Mom & Dad for never doing that to me either.)

Now, I have nothing against inflatable swimming pools. Nor do I have anything against parking lots. I just don't think the two should mix.
It just doesn't seem like very responsible parenting to me. Do we not hear about children getting run over by cars often enough? Clearly the words playground and parking lot are not interchangeable.
And geez people. There's grass on the back side of the building. What's wrong with setting up your pool there? I don't get it.

At least my roommates and I have the bragging rights of being the three classiest people on our street. We should get a certificate.

July 05, 2008

So, dang.

I've known about Etsy for a while now. And I know that it is the place for cute, crafty, handmade, and otherwise adorable stuff.

I know that.

But heck. Why have I never actually checked it out before? I've been browsing that website for hours tonight. Check out some of the CUTE stuff I found!

And. AND. This is just the jewelry. Think about all the other cool stuff:

• Accessories
• Art
• Bags And Purses
• Bath And Beauty
• Books And Zines
• Candles
• Ceramics And Pottery
• Children
• Clothing
• Crochet
• Everything Else
• Furniture
• Geekery
• Glass
• Holidays
• Housewares
• Jewelry
• Knitting
• Music
• Needlecraft
• Paper Goods
• Patterns
• Pets
• Plants And Edibles
• Quilts
• Supplies
• Toys
• Vintage
• Weddings
• Woodworking

(Ya, I totally copied and pasted their category list.)

So, I need another online shopping obsession like a hole in my head, but there are some things that I HAVE TO HAVE! NOW! I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT THEM!

I guess I'm just going to have to decide what I want more. Cute Etsy stuff, awesome camera stuff, or food and gasoline.