November 19, 2006

Seen & Heard (& Done)

~Went to three different movie stores trying to find The DaVinci Code.
~Made friends with Andrew at Hollywood Video.
~Danced the Electric Slide at cousin Courtney's wedding reception.
~Ate a most disgusting pasta dish at Applebees.
~Watched John Tucker Must Die.
~Entertained myself realizing how well I can predict the events of any given movie these days.
~Filled up my car for $2.09 a gallon.
~Finished another disk of ER season 2.
~Started and finished my first scarf of the year.
~Slept in til 4:00 due to one nasty headache.
~Got a nice back massage from Dr. Trent.
~Made the unofficial switch to caffeine free Diet Coke.
Rodney Atkins-If You're Going Through Hell

November 14, 2006

First of all, lets have a hoo-rah for 50 posts! Yay.
I've had quite the experiences with man's best friend this week.
Sad news. My boyfriend Bowen's puppy Roxy died. She got hit by a car. Sniff.
So I went over to his house last night to give him a big hug and took him out for ice cream.
Later that night, we had a little "funeral" for Roxy. It broke my heart to see Bowen so sad without his puppy. I remember when my rat Squeaks died. It was awful.
So, I got home and was feeling clingy towards my puppy, Cooper. I usually don't ever let him sleep in my room, but I decided to let him last night.
Big mistake.
Now, Cooper is a house trained dog. I never worry about him. But for some unknown reason, he chose last night to have an "accident."
So I had a rude awakening at about 3:30 this morning. It was not pleasant.
An hour of scrubbing up doggy mess later, I'm trying to decide if it was worth it to have my puppy still alive. Cause I almost killed him.

November 10, 2006


1. No matter how hard you fight, you're going to get stuck with needles. More than once. Just accept it.

2. Nurses have no qualms about stripping your clothes off in front of 20 people.

3. If you're not making a lot of sense, expect everyone to yell in your ears in the hopes that you'll understand.

4. Hospitals are freezing and uncomfortable, yet the blankets they give you have the thickness of a kleenex and the softness of a pumice stone.

5. If at all possible, use the bathroom before something bad happens to you, because you never know when your next chance will be.

6. It is very likely that the most painful part of your experience will be peeling off all the tape and probes and stickers they put all over you.

7. Trying to stay covered up while wearing one of those gowns is like trying to paint your fingernails while riding a horse. It doesn't happen.

8. An ambulance is not a smooth ride.

9. Every hour spent waiting is directly proportional to the number of minutes you'll spend actually talking to a doctor.
(Example: 4 hours waiting= 4 minutes with the doctor.)

10. You'll be able to hear every word of the "I think you have a narcotics problem, Ma'am" conversation across the hall, so you're praying for good news when they come to talk to you.

Ok, explanation.
Yes, I passed out at a gas station.
Yes, I rode in an ambulance.
Yes, I spent the evening in the ER.
No, I'm not dying.
No, I don't have a brain tumor.
No, they have no idea why.
Yes, I'm just fine.

November 06, 2006

I know, I know. I'm a blogcrastinator, and a bad one at that. I'm fully aware that this post is about my Halloween adventures and it is already into November.
It's partly not my fault. Stupid computers.
Anyways, lets focus here. The Johnson house was a little scarier than usual this year, a la spook alley extraordinaire, courtesy of Aunt Bert, Chloe, Taylor, Sophie, and Walker. And they did a rather nice job if I do say so myself.
We were quite the highlight of the neighborhood. Most kids went through at least two or three times. By the time I got around to having my turn, it was starting to show the wear and tear and we eventually had to pull it apart before someone got hurt.
Now, these pictures don't quite capture the mood. It's hard to take scary pictures when you either have to use a flash and light everything up, or just take a picture in the dark. So just use your imagination here. Pretend its dark and there's fog and there's creepy Halloween music in the background.

Skeleton head lights that lined the sidewalk.

Front porch graveyard.

Window art.

Giant, hairy, glow-in-the-dark spider.

Tunnel o' death.

This guy was my fav. When you crawled past him he predicted your future, in a scary Halloweeny manner of course.

Treasure hungry skeleton.

Flying skeleton ghost. I love how this picture turned out. Once you crawled out of the tunnel, he was supposed to swing down and scare you.

I'm confused. Is that a costume?