August 30, 2008

Aubrey and I are helping here.

August 23, 2008

You're probably wondering why I haven't blogged in forever, right? Well, at least this time I have a good excuse. May I present what has been consuming a lot of my time lately...our brand new website!!
The new and improved

Grand Opening!

This also means that our old blog is no more. So, if you are one of those people who read it, you must now update your links. I know, I know. I'm sorry to create you work. But seriously, though. It will be so worth it, because our website is totally awesome.

August 14, 2008

I'd like you all to notice that my blog counter hit 10,000 today!!
It is a momentous day.

(Ok, actually I had this blog for like 6 months before I had the sense to add a hit counter, so it's probably way more. It's still exciting.)

August 08, 2008

Lake Powell in Polaroid: 1 vacation. 5 days. 10 photos.

Ever wonder what the drive is like? Stare at this photo for four hours and you'll understand.

If you've made it to Ticaboo, you're almost there.
(Note the gas prices. Chloe's exuberance is misleading.)

Bullfrog Bay = we made it!

Now it's playtime. Uncle Russ spent a lot of time fishing with the boys.
Not so much with the girls as they tend to gross us out. Boys and fish.
(Yes, there is a fishing pole there. You have to look closely.)

Lake Powell and cliff jumping are like PB & J.

It was a rather stormy week. Mckenna "worked it" with the wind.
Chloe was apparently terrified.

Cousins! Some of them anyway...

The sum total of our vacation. Dad takes the kids tubing while self-proclaimed "flag girl" Sophie looks on.

The week is not complete until Mom finishes a puzzle. This one took all day.

The whole gang! (Minus me, of course, as I was taking the photo.)

See you next year Lake Powell! It was a blast!

August 03, 2008

Backyard BBQ