November 29, 2008

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. To prove to you that I'm not dead, may I present:


Starting off the randomness is this beautiful photo of me kicking it at work. Despite what this shameless, cell phone self-portrait would imply, my job is not boring.
Also, I love my turquoise headset.
And holding out my pinky.

Recently, and I don't know when exactly, and it doesn't really matter, and this is turning into the worst run-on sentence in history, but sometime recently, my odometer read 100100. I thought that was a cool number.
I made a right turn after taking this photo. Don't worry. I was stopped when I took it.

I don't know if I should be proud or embarrassed, but I tend to spend more time with my 15 year old brother and 13 year old sister these days than I do with people my own age.
Part of this is due to my nocturnal lifestyle. It's hard to meet people at 4:00 am.
Besides. Your siblings should be your best friends, right? Check.
On the downside, things can get expensive for me. They don't have jobs. They don't have any money. So, whenever we do ANYTHING, I always foot the bill. Guys, is this what dating is like for you?

Spotted at my local gas station. I thought it was pretty ironic considering gas station workers often tend to hate their jobs and therefore, don't really give a crap about providing good service.
Dear nameless gas station worker,
I'll hang up my phone as soon as you commit to make my gas station experience the best it can be.

And lastly, reason #286 why I love America: The Jesus Barbie.
By pressing the Holy Button I estimate to be replacing the Son of God's L2 verterbrae, I was quoted a verse from Mark something. It was lovely.
And spiritual.
Right in the middle of Walmart.

And that, boys and girls, concludes the first installment of "THE BLOG O' RANDOM PHOTOS I FOUND ON MY CAMERA PHONE." Stay tuned for version two. Sometime in the near-ish future. I hope...


Cam said...

>To prove to you that I'm not dead...<
How do we know you aren't just up to your old tricks of having your Dad write a program to create a bot which periodically posts random photos of yourself on your blog?

>recently, my odometer read 100100<
A photo of 100,000 would have been cooler.

>I made a right turn after taking this photo.<
And this is relevant because?

>So, whenever we do ANYTHING, I always foot the bill. Guys, is this what dating is like for you?<
You got it!

>The Jesus Barbie.<
Its an ACTION FIGURE, not a doll! BTW, this reminds me that while I was in the checkout line yesterday (Black Friday) of our local computer store, I noticed that among the assorted candy bars, micro-miniature tool sets, and USB powered aquariums, they were also selling Albert Einstein action figures. I kid you not!

Em said...

The Jesus Barbie is KILLING ME!

Katie May said...

I've gotta quote Em, "That Jesus Barbie is killing me!" I nearly snorted I laughed so hard.