December 09, 2008


There is a little movement going around the photography world called Cans For Comments, and we are more than happy to jump on the bandwagon!!

It’s simple. You comment. We donate a can or non-perishable item to a local food bank for every comment received. You make us feel warm, fuzzy and loved, and someone less fortunate gets to eat. Win-win, no? So comment long, comment short, comment often or only once…just do it! More and more we are hearing of food shelters coming up short this season. This is such a simple way to do a little for someone else! (Oh, and it’s going on for the next 7 days.)

SOOOOO, alls you have to do is pop on over to my photography blog ( and leave us a comment. Or two. Or ten. Remember, EVERY SINGLE COMMENT=1 can o' food for the food bank.

So go nuts. It doesn't cost you a thing!


Em said...

cool idea!

ohana photographers-david and kimi said...

love the picture of your can!! yay for making a difference this holiday season!