December 08, 2008

So...I hope you've seen this movie.

If not, I highly recommend watching it sometime this month. Holy childhood memories. Seriously.
However, I must warn you. This movie is a little misleading. You might walk away with the impression that a mouse is a cute, cuddly creature all full of Christmas Spirit.
You'd be wrong.

Let's take a trip to reality. My bathroom has been invaded by this guy:

Little mouse scared the bejeebles out of me a few nights ago. He thought it would be cool to squeeze under the bathroom door and scamper across the floor. RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. He didn't even TRY to hide or be sneaky. That is not cool.

I'm actually quite impressed with myself. I didn't scream and wake people up. I didn't leap onto the counter and hunker down til morning. I didn't rip the wall apart in a murderous frenzy. I DID have to muffle a squeal and try to convince myself I wasn't hallucinating, and I had to pee in the other bathroom for a few days, but I'm proud of myself for not panicking. (Read: FA-REEK out)

Good ol' roomie pimped out the whole house with mouse-busting glue traps and PB. (Thanks Lace!)

Mice aren't that smart, I guess. It sure didn't take him long to get all good and stuck. Unfortunately for him, being stuck to a glue trap in my bathroom earns you a one way ticket to the inside of a Walmart bag.
So, he either managed to free himself from his sticky prison, chew through the plastic bag, escape from the giant dumpster, and make his way to freedom...or he froze to death.
Either way, he's out of my bathroom. That's all I really care about.

[DISCLAIMER: I KNOW these are horrible, awful, disgusting, I-can't-believe-you-call-yourself-a-photographer photos. I know that. It was 5 am. I was freaking out at the prospect of picking up a live mouse that could potentially kill me. I was freezing cold and dead tired. I blame the cell phone camera.
I'm compensating by posting three, very boringly similar photos. Just use your imagination and I'm sure you can get the picture.]

In other news, here is my shameless Christmas present to you all:

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